'Dragonboat' Narrowboat image


This is Dragonboat. The golden dragon sleeps aboard Nb MIRRLESS...

This image is inspired by the liveaboard narrowboaters who pack their lives onto the top of their narrowboats.

A narrowboat, by definition is narrow. There isn't a lot of space for storage and what little room there is, is required for living So, by necessity the roof of a narrowboat becomes the storage area, in many cases. To keep the elements at bay, the various items acquired for daily living have to be protected from the fade of the sun and the rot of the rain. A taurpaulin is the first thing to hand, which is then strapped to roof with ropes and ties. The resultant bulging mass looks like a sleeping dragon.

We still have a little way to go. As yet, all we have is an old wheelbarrow but I'm sure that will change.

Dragonboat is murpworks Afloat